FAIITA was formed for the consolidation and the betterment of the IT ecosystem in India.  This involves not only the Business Community in the IT Vertical, but also the end-users of the IT Products.  IT products are progressively reaching all corners of India and it is important that FAIITA has a long-term vision and a mission to accomplish over time.

FAIITA's mission:

  1. To protect and promote the interest of the Business Community engaged in the manufacture, trade and service of Information technology.
  2. To promote honourable practices and to suppress and prevent malpractices in the trade.
  3. To prepare, circulate and encourage a code of conduct among the members and business, professional, and vocational communities in cultivation and developing fair trade practices.
  4. To bring, prosecute & defend or aid in bringing, prosecuting, or defending any suits, actions, proceedings, applications or arbitrations on behalf of FITAG.
  5. To collect and disseminate statistical and other information and to make efforts for the spread of commercial and economic knowledge.
  6. To take all steps which may be necessary for promoting, supporting or opposing legislation or other actions affecting the interests of the IT Business Community.
  7. To make representation to Local, State or Central authorities. Executive of Legislative on any matter affecting the Business Community.
  8. To communicate with Chambers of Commerce and other mercantile & public bodies throughout the worked and to participate in their activities and concert and promote measures for the protection of the trade in the aforesaid items & services.
  9. To make part in any organization or Association / Federation for the welfare of members and also employees engaged in the trade in the aforementioned items and to send representatives of FITAG to international conferences, Seminars, Expositions.
  10. To set apart and create special funds for special projects addressing the IT Business Community or for the benefit of the local society at large.
  11. To subscribe to or otherwise aid any benevolent, scientific, national or other institutions of objects and to make payments for any charitable or useful purpose.
  12. To undertake by arbitration the settlement of commercial disputes between various elements in the manufacture, supply, sales and service of IT products.
  13. To advance and promote commercial and technical education and to found and support establishments and institutions for such purposes, and to undertake and conduct educational, vocational and industrial training activities for the members and public.
  14. To liaison with other national and international federations and organisations.
  15. To enter into any arrangement with any Government or Authority, Local, State, Central or otherwise.
  16. To enter into arrangements with any Government or local or other authorities for the purpose of implementing the objectives of FAIITA.